Message from the President


Message from the President

In our Shiga Junior College, the coeducation system has been firmly established, and this has helped create a vibrant atmosphere.

That has been one of my great pleasures.

Our college strives to cultivate members of society who are rich in humanity, and who have acquired special practical knowledge and grasped technology, based on the cultural education under the school’s philosophy, “Shingi Ichinyo (integration of spirit and technology)” by the educational corporation Sumire Gakuen with its 98-year history.

Our college has three departments. In the life department, students are learning with the aim of becoming nutritionists, pastry chefs, and experts to enrich people’s lives. In the child education and childcare department, they are learning with the aim of becoming kindergarten and nursery school teachers who help create a bright future for the children. In the business communication department, they are learning with the aim of becoming business people who bear hospitality in mind, and who can play an important role in medical coding and clerical jobs of every kind.

It is not until students and teachers learn together that the education of our college is actualized.

Teachers not only strive for “easy-to-understand classes” based on what’s known as “good education”, but also earnestly engage with and support each of our students.

Students experience pleasure through the process of new learning, and make efforts to create opportunities to meet people to engage with.

This is exact coeducation that is what our college considers as learning together. It is also resonating into education where students and teachers reach out to each other, and has become a reason for the vibrant atmosphere created in our college.

What our college emphasizes is to stand firmly, think, judge, and act by oneself, and take personal responsibility for the results.

In addition, we promote the fostering of the ability to self-discipline through learning to focus one’s own will.

We think it important to be aware of self-support and self-discipline, and move step by step in a manner suitable to you. It is our belief that you will come to realize “Continuity is the father of success” through your learning experience in our college.

All of our teachers continue our school’s 46-year tradition of practical, and strengthen cooperation within society based on solid education research, with the aim of being a Junior College that can provide competitive advantages for employment.

April 1, 2016

President, Shiga Junior College


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